"The standard launcher is clean and works well. There is little that Sense UI can do that the standard launcher cannot, even though it has three pages as opposed to Sense's seven."

The benefit of SenceUi is the fact that you can utilize Seven screen's and have a larger number of widgets to choose from. You say you dont like it then say why you do?

You also say that you wish their was a way to plan pages without trial and error. If their is a way for android to predict how i want my screens set up so i dont have to do it myself sure that would be great. The reality is android is a open platform for us to set up our phone in a way we see best fit to suit our specific needs.

Ok that leads me to widgets and sizes. If you spend some time setting up your phone then you know some widgets like friend stream and calender are full screen but you do have the choice to switch to a smaller version of the same widget.

Sorry android wasn't right for you but for you to put it down because you dont know how to use the system correctly is a bit foolish. Between all the customizing apps and widgets and the fact that you can root and be open to so much more, what cant this phone do.