[FREE][Live wallpaper] Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s day

The Valentine’s day live wallpaper is the perfect gift for those in love! Whether you’re getting it
for your loved one, for a friend, or as a treat to yourself, the falling pink and violet hearts are
bound to make one’s heart skip a beat. And that’s not all – these hearts aren’t falling cause someone’s
dropped them, or cause that’s just the way this live wallpaper is – they are actually falling from the
sky! Yes, it’s raining hearts! It’s never happened before, and now it’s happening on your phone!

After the download you don't need internet connection to enjoy the application. This application
will not download videos from the internet and waste your bandwidth.This free app is ad supported and may
contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen.Download once and enjoy for ever.

Android 2.1 or higher