I have had it for about 18 months as my spare phone. Unfortunately, the day I traded my Droid3 for it, I cracked the screen, so the screen and LCD are not working. But the phone has good ESN, comes with battery. And when I plug it in and go to hboot/fasboot I can get coimmunincation and frokm the device using my computer over USB. So the phone definitely works. And it is a cheap rice especially for what I am selling for, Probably fix the screen for less than 30

I am asking 10 USD, plus shipping. I can pout it in priority envelope padded well, and it should be 5 bucks or less. You can pay via paypal. I know I am new here and it may seem shady, but I have been member of xda with same user name since 2008, and sold 2 or 3 similarly priced things on their marketplace before they got rid of it and went swappa only.

If you are interested, Pm me for the ESN/IMEI whatever.