Up for sale one month old HTC Thunderbolt. There is one scratch on the screen which is not really noticeable and a small scratch near the charging port. Also the finish on the kickstand has begun to fade along the edges.

This phone is currently running the Gingerbread leak which has elements of Sense 3.0 with working Netflix, and is in perfect working condition. I can leave it as is (suitably wiped) or send it back to bone stock.

Included accessories include all OEM parts (including 32GB SD Card) in the original box along with:

Case Mate case - black
Seidio 2 piece case - black
Silicone case - black
Desktop Dock Charger
Car Mount
Mobile Charger
Plug in charger
HTC OEM Extended Battery
2 1700mAh batteries

$350 shipped. I accept only PayPal and will ship the day the payment is received. I get my new phone on Wednesday May 25th so no shipping prior to that date please I do need a phone.