Hello! I am selling my Xoom, Wifi version. I've only had it for a couple weeks.

I'm a medical student and originally got it to read e-books for class, but have only picked it up twice to use. I'm not using it enough to justify its cost so I thought I would sell it to someone who would. The tablet is in mint condition (no scratches or any signs of use). In fact, I have yet to open the usb cord that comes with it. All manuals and packaging are included.

I will throw in a Kevikev CF case (looks awesome and pretty much brand new, $25) and 3 anti-glare screen protectors (one of which has already been applied, $17) from HandHeldItems. They gave me a free stylus so I will include that as well, though it is rather useless.

Due to the like-new condition the tablet is in and the accessories, I'm looking to get $400 for all of it (price includes shipping in the US).

Let me know. Thanks!