Sold my Asus Transformer so that I can pick up an Asus Prime as soon as they become available. I am guessing that the cases I used with my Transformer will probably not work with the Prime. It will be thinner and the access ports may be in different locations etc. At any rate I have two cases for sale. Both are in near mint condition. Used them for about 60 days. One is brown and the other is black. Very nicely made. All cut outs for the ports, camera lenses etc. Inside of cases finished with soft material. Both cases will open and hold the Transformer open easel style. Both have magnetic closures. The brown one is a faux leather (I think) and made by HandHeldItems - it has a tab on the back - insert cover into tab and it makes an easel. The black one is leather and uses velcro to create the easel ---- made by Verteks. If you wish I can shoot a couple fotos and email them to you but not sure how much you will be able to see as I no longer have a Transformer to put into the case. The brown one is just a bit thinner than the black one. I liked the easel on the black one - allows multiple angles. At $25 (via Paypal) you are getting two for less than the price of one. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. Sorry, I will not ship them overseas, to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska. I suppose I should also mention that I have them listed on Craigslist in Columbus, Ohio. Am not trying to make any money on them....just hoping that they find a nice home. Thanks for your interest.