What's up guys? I am not sure if this is the right place or forum to sell my Asus TF101. The reason that I am selling my TF is that I need to have my car fix and I don't have the $$$ at this very moment. My estimated repair for my car is $380.00 parts + labor. I really really love my TF, I really don't want to sell it, I don't have any choice. If I have the $$$ I wouldn't sell my TF.

If anybody is interested here is the specs of my adult owned TF101.

It's 32GB it will come with the box and all the accesories, firmware is up to date (US Version). Plus, I will include Caseen Leather Case, 16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card and 3 feet USB 3.0 extension cable.

No scratches on screen and body and kept clean and never had a problem at all. NEVER BEEN ROOTED.

I will also include the receipt (if I can find it), I know it's somewhere in my files. It was purchased brand new in July 2011.

All for $350.00. Plus $10.00 for shipping. I can ship in US only.

Local pick up in NYC preffered.

PM me for any questions or if interested.

Thank you.