The App Business is a specialist app software company. We work with big brands to help them create business-transforming software experiences, across smartphones, tablets, desktop, social media, even TVs - wherever the audience is.

The company is driven by the belief that software is eating the world and that people are now turning to ‘apps’ to navigate their daily lives, at work, at home and everywhere in between.​

This poses huge opportunities for brands as well as significant structural challenges that we believe traditional digital agencies are not set-up to take-on.

That’s why we built The App Business from the ground up, inspired by three years working into Steve Jobs helping launch the iPhone, App Store and hundreds of apps.

We are now looking for Senior Android Engineer to join our expanding team at The App Business.

If The App Business sounds like the sort of unique challenge that matches your ambitions or you are interested in further details then please get in touch with

*Must be legal to work within the EU*