Intelligent, Creative, Fun: senior Android application developers

Powershop needs Android application developers to join our development team who are intelligent, creative and fun. We're looking for smart people who can understand the complexities of our business and translate these into creative and fun Android applications.

You will be working in our in-house mobile development team and must have previous experience developing Android applications. We pay very good market rates based on your expertise. If you're smart and keen we'll be interested.

We are primarily recruiting Android developers but we also have Rails, iOS and social media development going on - we are open to developers with skills across these areas and are keen to build the people we recruit.

A bit about the Powershop Dev Team

We are a fast, friendly, smart development team that solves complex problems in the New Zealand and Australian energy markets. We develop across a range of technologies including Android, iOS and Ruby on Rails.

We have 17 developers and 5 testers with a range of experience who work closely with the business. We manage our work through Scrum and have an SDLC that includes code-review for every change and well defined processes for QA, release and incidents.

Keeping you fresh is a priority at Powershop so all our developers have the opportunity to spend 10% of their time working on projects that don't need to relate to our business. We look after you with a relaxed work environment, open and honest feedback, decent beer on Fridays, pool table and Raleigh 20 time challenges. We are keen to build the team and your career so focus on training and growth with rewards for progress.

A bit about Powershop

Powershop is the world’s first online energy store. With 50,000 customers in New Zealand we’re ready to take the revolution overseas.

We are the noisy, disruptive upstart of the electricity business. In an industry that's always been reluctant to look consumers in the eye, Powershop is testimony to the value of obsessing about our customers. In fact, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we've brought people good old fashioned value for money and customer service. It's made us not only the fastest growing power company in New Zealand but the one with the highest customer satisfaction rating.

You don't get to remake electricity retailing from the ground up by employing cynics or clock-watchers. We look for Powershop people, the kind of people who actually give a ****.
Our culture is to challenge and question, have fun, be great at what we do and be a little irreverent.

See Powershop - a better Power Company and Powershop - a better New Zealand Power Company for more details.

Want to know more

If you want to know more then please email us at and tell us a bit about yourself and how you would contribute.

Just bear in mind that you do need to have senior Android development experience. We are happy to consider you even if you don't yet have the right to work in New Zealand.