Overview - The Universe and More is a startup game development company dedicated to shaping the future of physics education. We make fun, addicting, and educational games for any student of physics. Check out our website to view (and play) a sampling of the games that we offer: http://theuniverseandmore.com

Requirements - The Universe and More is seeking a passionate, dedicated, reliable, experienced, and talented programmer to join our team. Specifically, the company is hiring an Android developer to port an iOS game to Android devices. (The iOS game has roughly 40,000 lines of code and approximately 250 images.)

Applicants must be willing to work intimately with the original developer to ensure that the game is successfully ported to Android in a manner consistent with the developer’s vision. Applicants must therefore possess a strong command of Android programming languages. Applicants should also have prior relevant programming experience.

Compensation is highly competitive. Work can be completed remotely.

How to Apply - To apply, please email matthewblackman1@gmail.com with a résumé, and cover letter (or email). In your cover letter, please include a compensation history for similar projects.

Thank you for your interest in the Universe and More. We look forward to reviewing your applications!