Familiarity with Android SDK and/or other Java-based mobile development APIs.
Familiarity with Android platform tools and AOSP
Experience developing Android applications
Familiarity with VoIP and the SIP protocol
Experience developing firmware for commercial Android devices.
Good understanding of kernel internals (e.g. SMP locking, cache coherency, VM management) and device drivers.
Good knowledge of source-code management systems git and others.
Control plane software integration and modding
Experience with ios sdk is a plus.

* 2-5 years of professional software development (structured, maintainable, object-oriented)
* 1-2 years of iPhone and/or Android development
* 1-2 years of Objective-C or Java, and applicable frameworks
* API request and response (web services, JSON, XML, REST, etc.)
* Responsible, reliable and hard working with excellent communication skills
* Proven ability to independently complete a feature-rich app, with minimal supervision, top quality, and tight deadlines