I bought one piece of OTAO's tempered glass screen guard for LG Nexus 5 (from OTAO brand in Dubai gitex Exhibition not the Official website. )about one month ago. It seems really good quality. Just as the said Easy install ,adhering OTAO E.Z. Culture, with easy install suit, everyboday can finish by themself!

For the packaging
1 x Grey Microfiber Clothes (cleaning Micro-Fiber Cloth)
1 x Cleaning Bag(Cleaning pouch)
2 x Paper pouch bag
1 x Transparent Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1 x Blue Sticker (Use this anti-static plastic)
1 x Small Transparent sticker (This is use to clean your smartphone.)
Yeah, it just as the said. Things enough for use. Especially for the quality is high. Attach files for your references.
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