Just wanted to confirm, yeah they don't pay you anything, but you can opt out. They email you and ask you to confirm you want to be in.

I spoke to another developer recently and told him to definitely not bother, but he ignored me and did it anyway :P

I got 87k downloads on the free day, 200 the next day, 7 the day after and pretty much 1 a week from then onwards! Recently they launched the Kindle Fire tho, and although the approval process was a bit of a headache once approved i'm seeing about 10 sales a day.

I'm only on GetJar (from today) http://www.getjar.com/Walkabout

They're actually much better. They offer paid apps totally free to users, and pay us devs a small amount per download. If you do the maths, more people download free apps, so 10 times the downloads multiplied by what they pay may end up a lot more than normal downloads at your normal app price. (Please go and download if you have a few minutes and spread the word!)

The other thing to note tho, is that these third party stores etc don't really affect android market sales. Most average users out there don't know or care about these other stores and just buy everything from the android market.

Any questions feel free to ask!

PS. in case you didn't work it out, i'm the developer of walkabout!