For our members who were excited about the new gamepad accessory for the Galaxy S IV, we have a treat for you. A video has just cropped up on the web regarding this unique accessory for the SGS4. The video sheds new light on the functionality of this new device and it looks even more intriguing than before. Apparently it isn't just a dock. Here's a quote with the details,

Up until now most of us had assumed that this accessory would work just the way it’s been pictured with the smartphone attached to the controller while in use, however a new video posted on Youtube by GamerHub.TV gives us an entirely different look at this thing in action. In this video you’ll see the Galaxy S IV in the Samsung smart dock which will send the whatever is on your screen from your phone to your TV via the built in HDMI connectivity. This allows for games to be played just as you would with any other gaming console. In the video we see demonstrations for Sonic and Need For Speed, and while we only see it on the television for a few short seconds the graphics look pretty impressive. ~ AndroidHeadlines
As you can see from the video, this device is reminiscent of NVIDIA's new Project Shield and although is not quite as functional as that product, could give it a run for its money due to aggressive price differences. It's really exciting to see just how far Samsung is taking this Galaxy branding. The mobile world is evolving so rapidly, it will be hard to predict what the next "Next Big Thing" will be able to do.

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