Do you guys remember the Augmented Reality MMO from Google called Ingress? It debuted in November of last year, and we shared it with you, here. Some additional news popped up today regarding the unusual concept. Google will soon be offering an Ingress-based eBook series on the Google Play Store soon.

The eBook will be written by New York Times best-selling author Thomas Greanias, and will be a spin-off called, The Alignment. It will serve as a pseudo-prequel and be based upon characters in both the author's own series called Raising Atlantis, as well as charcters directly from the Ingress game.

The first novella will be roughly 150 pages and will come to the Google Play Store April 2nd. It is also planned to be released to other eBook retailers and eventually in physical hardcover versions as well.

For those intrigued by this new direction for Google, please check out our dedicated section at You can find it here: Ingress Forum

It is rather fascinating and ironic for Google to be doing this if you think deeply about it. For the most part Google is a company focused on transforming science fiction into science fact. Now they are also actively creating new science fiction for pure entertainment. It just goes to show that genius has multiple levels.