Well, that didn't last long... This bit of news is only slightly mobile related, but it is relevant because it involves two of the biggest mobile companies and their now ongoing courtroom disputes. The legal feud between LG and Samsung just flared up again like a bad case of hemorrhoids. After several peaceful talks between the two companies seemed to bring about a state of peace in the South Korean homeland, things were looking good. Samsung dropped several OLED patent lawsuits against LG, and LG dropped a few as well.

Something new happened though. Apparently, Samsung is now suing LG for defamation. Samsung claims LG is “tarnishing its corporate image” with a new series of refrigerator ads that skew the facts about storage capacity, (at least according to Samsung). LG also renewed their previous OLED & LCD lawsuits as well. Here's a quote with more of the details,

After reportedly dropping its earlier lawsuits against LG (066570), Samsung (005930) on Tuesday filed a brand new suit against its South Korean rival over alleged slander committed in a refrigerator ad. For those who need a refresher, Samsung and LG had been locked in a patent battle over OLED and LCD display technology, although both were said to be working toward patent peace with a settlement. LG recently reaffirmed its suit against the company and demanded compensation, and even made threats against Samsung’s new Galaxy S 4 smartphone. Unlike earlier disagreement, however, the latest lawsuit does not involve patents.

According to the Korea Herald, Samsung claims that LG ran a series of advertisements that contained false information and have allegedly “tarnished its corporate image.” The controversy started when Samsung produced an advertisement that mocked the purported small size of LG’s refrigerators. The Korea Herald says that LG “released online advertisements condemning Samsung Electronics” in response that Samsung alleges “misconstrued facts” about the company.
As you can see, their battle is now spilling over to smartphones too. Someone needs to give these guys a tube of Preparation H.

Source: BGR