Late yesterday, our friends over at Phandroid shared a story that the new HTC One had some kind of camera glitch which caused really muddy pics in regular lighting conditions. You can see a comparison above. This was originally reported by a separate site,, and Phandroid was just sharing the info. The original story indicated that this problem was found on the new phone and that HTC was working on a quick firmware update to fix it.

Several other sites picked up the story and ran with it both last night and today. Luckily, Phandroid did a bit more digging and eventually updated the story, because the info reported by the original source wasn't precisely accurate. As it turns out, the problem was not with the firmware with the retail production model HTC One devices. The problem was a defective model of the phone that had used for their article. The version of the device they received turned out to have the pre-production firmware for the camera which was causing the issue.

Ultimately, the final retail version of the HTC One doesn't have these problems at all. All of the retail models in the wild in Europe or coming soon elsewhere have the new firmware already and do not experience this camera problem. Here's a quote with the update to the story,

UPDATE: It looks like HTC has once again reached out to the photo site who supplied the information in this article. They’re now saying the site initially received a defective HTC One running “pre-production software.” They supplied them a new device running the commercial firmware and that’s the reason for the discrepancy between the images. Despite reviews stating otherwise, the detailed images you see in the “after” shots reflect the image quality from Ones already on the market.
Source: Phandroid