[Rumor] New Motorola X Phone & Motorola Nexus Phone Details Leak

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Thread: [Rumor] New Motorola X Phone & Motorola Nexus Phone Details Leak

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    [Rumor] New Motorola X Phone & Motorola Nexus Phone Details Leak

    Did you sprinkle some salt on your eggs this morning? If not throw a bit on your sandwich at lunch and call it good, because you will want to include a grain or two of the stuff with today's Motorola rumors. Despite the disclaimer, we must admit to being excited about today's fresh Moto X Phone + More rumors. We will break them down for you in a quick quote just to get the ball started quickly,

    1. Rumor: The target launch date for the first Motorola X Phone is July. It was slated for June, but manufacturing issues caused the launch to slip.
    2. Rumor: The X Phone will be user customizable, but the options will not be as broad as was originally reported. Customers will mostly be able to customize the design of the phone, along with internal storage and some personalized software settings. Users will be able to order their device in an endless choice of color combinations, and they can select the material of the outer casing. Choices for materials will include plastic, metal, and carbon fiber.
    3. Rumor: The specs of the first Motorola X Phone will be comparable to the HTC One, but they will not be a Galaxy S 4 or iPhone 6 killer.
    4. Rumor: The X Phone will feature a Motorola logo on the back of the device that acts as touch sensitive button that allows you to launch commands.
    5. Rumor: Motorola will still release several more Droid phones this year.
    6. Rumor: Motorola will release a Nexus phone at the end of the year. This device is not part of the “X Phone” brand.
    7. Rumor: Google Watch will be announced and sold at around the same time as the Motorola X Phone.
    Now that you have digested that smorgasbord of Motorola goodness, let's discuss how this new intel lines up with previous rumors and what it could potentially mean for the market as well as what the overall picture might look like.

    First, this launch timeframe seems pretty solid, although we have also heard a November time-frame. Of course, that November launch could have simply been confused with number 6 which is the Motorola Nexus device. Speaking of which, let's jump forward to number six for a second and bask in that glory a bit. Many of us have been clamoring for a Moto Nexus phone for sometime. We are certainly hoping this is true, although we aren't sure how having this new exclusive X Phone branding will work while competing with Nexus. It seems a bit counter-intuitive. Still, it could work and we wouldn't complain.

    Now let's take a peek at number 2. This seems to confirm earlier reports that the X Phone line will be a specialty option of configurable devices. It puts a small damper on it in terms of total versatility of customization, but to be fair, this is actually what most of us at HQ expected to happen for the initial launch of a user customizable phone. It seemed unrealistic to start off with a completely hardware customizable handset, because it would take quite a bit of complex overhead to make that possible.

    On to number three. This one makes us a bit sad, but it does line up with what Google themselves have said. Earlier they shared that the next devices coming down the pipe won't "wow" by their standards. Still, being comparable to the HTC One isn't bad at all. Marry this with the X Phone branding and Motorola's legendary quality of materials and it still looks like a star player for sure.

    As for number four, well this seems like an intriguing if not altogether useful new idea. Of course, it's entirely possible that Motorola might have stumbled onto a really cool new innovation that could end up on future devices. We will have to wait and see this feature in action before we pass judgment.

    With number five, this also is not surprising and jives with the previous statements from Google. They shared an 18 month pipeline of older devices still exists that they must filter through before they can get onto focusing on the bigger stuff. Who knows... maybe some of these devices will be both affordable and impressive. The Motorla Droid M was a sleeper hit for the manufacturer, so just as long as they don't spam the market with too much crap, this could be okay.

    We already covered number six, but don't mind reiterating our previous point with a resounding... YAY!

    Finally, the seventh rumor seems to suggest that Google plans to create an ecosystem of interconnected devices. In fact, additional intel on this subject has been coming down the pipe suggesting that Google plans to make all their devices interoperable. From Google Glass, to the X Phone & next Nexus phone, to this Google watch, we are likely to see Google's ecosystem begin to interact with each other in more meaningful and useful ways. We may even start to see the baby steps of a major convergence for all of these devices, including Google TV and Android powered smart appliances next year.

    That's a quick summary of just some of what this new intel could mean. Of course, we want to hear what you guys think of all of this. Sound off in the thread your likes and dislikes about any and/or all of this.

    Source: AndroidandMe

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    Interesting! My take on the X is: if you're in an area where the latest Samsung devices haven't provided the best radio reception, wait for the Motorola. (Seems they tend to edge out Samsung just a bit in this category) However. If you're like the rest of us, and have gotten great reception from the last few Galaxy S series, definitely stick with Samsung and go with the S4.
    Just my 2 cents.


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