Sprint seems to have played a trump card on the rest of the competition for the new HTC One. So far, every other carrier selling the phone is offering their preorder for the price of $199.99 on contract. Sprint is offering the new flagship device for an extra $100 dollars off totaling just $99.99! Please be aware, this is for new contracts only. For anyone renewing with Sprint, it's the usual $199.99.

Still, for new customers this is an amazing bargain. The device has top-notch quality and features and even comes with 32GB of internal storage. To grab that for just $100 bones is a steal, especially when you consider the fancy new Samsung Galaxy S4 will hit the streets at $249.99 and that is for the 16GB version!

Here's a link to check out the offer.

Source: Sprint - HTC One

For some reason, Sprint is not advertising this deal too heavily, so if you go to their main preorder splash page it doesn't appear and just shows the regular $199.99 price. Here's a link to that landing page: HTC One: The New HTC Phone from Sprint