A gentlemen by the name of Martin Missfeldt created a useful and cool infographic on the full concept and functionality of Google's Project Glass. His hard work helps illuminate some of the more interesting details of the future wearable computer tech. After seeing some of the videos in action and checking out this infographic, Google Glass is even more exciting. It seems reminiscent of the augmented reality overlays in the PC and console game Deus Ex: Human Revolution (or even the original Deus Ex PC game).

If you haven't played it or heard of it, Deus Ex is a first-person game set in a techno future where folks are cybernetically enhanced. One of the main ways the "hero" of the game interacts with the world is through an augmented reality visual overlay. While Google Glass is only a wearable device and isn't surgically grafted, some of its features mimic this same interactivity. If Google Glass can create just a portion of the usefulness of the in-game concept, then it really could be the next big revolutionary technology to change the way we do things.

Source: Google Glass (infographic) - How it works