According to a new report from the Korea Times, LG may be poised to launch flexible OLED display technology ahead of Samsung. Apparently, after seeing Samsung take all the glory the past couple of years showing off prototype designs, LG has accelerated their program and is planning to launch their designs sometime this year. Here's a quick quote,

In 2010, LG Groupís technology affiliates bought OLED patents from Kodak and established a new venture to develop and protect more OLED patents. These endeavors negatively affected Samsung.

LG has also expanded to flexible displays, which can be twisted and bent and used for next-generation tablets and smartphones.

In partnership with Koreaís finance ministry, LG aims to ship its first batch of flexible displays later this year, also ahead of Samsung.
Just like with previous rumors about Samsung, when LG does launch their flexible OLED tech, initial units will not be bendable but future products should be.