The new Facebook Home Phone, the HTC First will actually launch as AT&T's flagship device on April 12th for $99 bucks on contract. This is a baffling move on the part of both HTC and AT&T as it will take away attention from a device that deserves the flagship label, the HTC One. It's obvious it is designed as a huge marketing push for AT&T, HTC and primarily Facebook.

It seems like average customers might have a very confusing time deciding on new AT&T smartphones this spring. They will get to pick from the HTC One which is a high-end and award winning device, or the HTC First which is a Facebook-focused phone. If the names alone don't cause a mental "hour-glass," trying to compare specs and features surely will.

So, who wants to speculate on future HTC devices? How about the HTC Single or the HTC Neo?

Source: HTC?s ?Facebook Home? First smartphone launching as an AT&T flagship | Android Community