It's funny how sometimes reality doesn't match up with perception. One great example of this is that Apple fans typically claim that Apple's iOS is more secure than Android. According to a recent study by the security experts at Symantec, the opposite is true. Apparently, in 2012 a much larger number of security vulnerabilities were found in iOS devices than Android devices. Paradoxically, more bad guys target Android instead of iOS which is why the public perception isn't mirrored with reality. Here's a quote with a few more details,

The difference in threat level is a natural consequence of the two differing mobile ecosystem approaches: Apple’s walled garden vs Android’s open playground.

Symantec identified just 108 new unique threats to all mobile platforms in 2012, 103 of which targeted the Android platform vs one targeting iOS. Symbian was second after Android, with three unique threats identified, while Windows Mobile had one. But when looking at platform vulnerabilities Symantec said there were 387 documented vulnerabilities for iOS vs just 13 for Android. Elsewhere, BlackBerry also had 13, and Windows Mobile had two.

Symantec’s report notes:

"Today, mobile vulnerabilities have little or no correlation to mobile malware. In fact, while Apple’s iOS had the most documented vulnerabilities in 2012, there was only one threat created for the platform. Compare this to the Android OS; although only thirteen vulnerabilities were reported, it led all mobile operating systems in the amount of malware written for the platform. Vulnerabilities likely will become a factor in mobile malware, but today Android’s market share, the openness of the platform, and the multiple distribution methods available to applications embedded with malware make it the go-to platform of malware authors."
It's mostly ironic that Android is targeted more, except for the fact that there are far more Androids out there than iPhones. Still, it does make you wonder why the malware writers of the world tend to give Apple users a free pass.

Regardless, the next time your buddy/frenemy brings up that his/her iPhone is more secure than your Android, you can politely correct them with the real facts.

Source: TechCrunch