Last week we shared some intel suggesting Samsung had some issues to work out with their flexible OLED technology and wouldn't be able to include it in their Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Today's newest news suggests that will only be partially true. Apparently, the primary problem Samsung is facing results in a lowered supply rather than completely shutting it out all-together.

Supposedly, they plan to launch the Galaxy Note 3 with the flexible display tech, but because of a low yields, will only be able to offer it in a few select markets. Additionally, this info confirms earlier reports that this version of the technology will not be intended to showcase curved or bendable displays just yet. The primary advantage of the technology initially will be that it is thinner, lighter, uses less power and is unbreakable (because it is plastic).

Because it is thinner and lighter, this would allow manufacturers to include larger batteries without sacrificing the slim & light form factor. It's obviously taking a bit longer for the new tech to fully mature, but it's good to know it is evolving and should soon see retail production.

Source: AndroidAuthority