For folks looking to maximize their value when purchasing a new HTC One on Sprint or AT&T, you might want to take a peek at Radio Shack. The electronics retailer has a unique special offer on the phone whether you are upgrading or getting a new contract with either of these carriers. This offer comes in the form of a $50 dollar Google Play Store credit on top of the $199.99 subsidized price of the device. This effectively makes the device $150 (assuming you have stuff you needed to purchase on the Google Play Store anyway).

This offer is for a limited time only (ending June 1st) and is a bit different for each carrier. If you want to get this offer for Sprint, you can jump online. If you want to take advantage of the offer on AT&T you will have to go into a Radio Shack store in person. To be clear, this is the 32GB version of the phone, so keep that in mind before jumping on it. For more info, check out the source link below.

Source: Radio Shack