Today seems to be a heavy day for Samsung Galaxy S4 news. We have a three part story here for you. Just yesterday, T-Mobile shared their version of the SGS4 would face a delay due to supply shortages. They postponed the physical retail launch of their device until May 1st. Unfortunately, they have had to amend that today and it is worse. Their delay will now be somewhere between 1 and two weeks. They tweeted specifically that some of their locations will have the phone on the 8th of May, while all of their stores will have it by the 15th of May.

It seems that Sprint has had the same set-back as well, but rather than offer a moving target of possible dates, they said their Galaxy S4 devices in retail stores will be delayed indefinitely.

That's not all. Apparently, Samsung has made sure they will not have this same delay on their home country of South Korea. We can't blame them for making sure S. Korean retailers have plenty of SGS4 stock because it is their home-turf after-all. Here's a quote with more info,

Well, if you're looking to pick on up right now, you'd best book a red-eye flight to South Korea, where it'll go on sale in the next 24 hours. The 5-inch 1080p flagship will arrive on all three of the country's main carriers, with an unspecified global roll-out following on Friday. Meanwhile, the company has also commented on "supply chain problems" affecting its roll-out of the S 4. In a statement to Sky News, Samsung said that initial supplies of the handset may be limited "due to overwhelming global demand" and its limited stock of memory components. ~ Engadget
Sound off if you will be affected by and are saddened by this delay.