The HTC One is arguably the best handset the Taiwanese company has released to date. It has the aesthetics and power to get any Android enthusiast excited just looking at it, but all is not well with the device. There are a lot of reports coming in with users having sensitivity issues with the Home and Back capacitive buttons. Users are complaining that the problem seems to be an inconsistent detection of button-presses, while others believe the detection area is too small. Regardless of whats causing this, the common issue that users are experiencing is that they have to keep pressing the Home or Back button to get the desired result. This would obviously be a deal breaker for many, but luckily a fix is on the way.

HTC has started rolling out an OTA update to unbranded devices across Europe and Asia, and US customers will have to wait just a bit longer to receive the update. Unfortunately we do not have any information on that timeframe, but knowing HTC the OTA should hit carrier branded handsets sometime next week. In the meantime, users who own an unlocked or non-carrier branded device can try updating through Settings / About / Software Update / Check Now.

This is not the best way to kick off a flagship handset especially with the Galaxy S4 lurking in the background. Our question is, how did they miss this obvious bug?

Via: Android Authority