In the video above, Samsung tells the story of the design process for their new superphone, the Galaxy S4. It starts out a little creepy, because they purposefully planned to "go deeper into people's lives," but there was no nefarious intent involved. In fact, the video helps share Samsung's desire to have their smartphone truly improve people's lives by being easier to use as well as more functional. The video attempts to showcase Samsung's priority to make the experience of using their devices appeal to as many people as possible.

Despite this the video also shares that the new phone is "not a radical difference, but more of an evolution." At the end of the video, Samsung's, Vice President of Product Design, Minhyouk Lee, attempts to clear up this contradiction. He said that Samsung attempts to create something new with every smartphone. He explained, "People say there is nothing more you can design in smartphones, but in Samsung Design, despite this challenge, we believe we can create something new, something that brings greater value to people. Thatís what we think."

The video makes it clear that Samsung doesn't want to fix what isn't broken, but they also want to continue to evolve the features and functionality in order to improve the user experience.

What do you guys think about the conclusions Samsung makes regarding smartphones? How significant is your smartphone in your life?

Source: SamsungTomorrow