The launch day of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has arrived (mostly). For folks on AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile (or looking to switch to one of those), you can now purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4 at their online sites. For Sprint and AT&T, they both have some limited availability in retail stores as well. At T-Mobile, you can only order it online, as they won't have the device at their retail stores until May 1st. Here's a breakdown of pricing and deals for each device on each carrier, along with links to their respective websites:

*Sprint SGS4 = $249.99 on a new two year contract - They also offer a $100 instant rebate if you are porting your number from a different carrier. This means you can potentially get it from the Now Network for just $150 bucks. Alternatively you can purchase it outright from them for $599.99.

*T-Mobile SGS4 = Their pricing follows their new UnCarrier no contract plans. You can get the device for $149.99 and 24 monthly payments of just $20 bucks. Your grand total after that time will be $629.99 bucks.

*AT&T SGS4 = $199.99 on a new two year contract, or you can buy the phone outright for $639.99.

All three carriers offer the device in either "White Frost" or "Black Myst" colors. It's funny how marketing departments have to "dress up" a color by adding extra adjectives to them. Regardless, now you have three direct links to grab the Galaxy S4 from three of the main four major carriers. We will keep you guys updated when Verizon's version finally goes on sale.