Recently, we shared Samsung's design story video for the Galaxy S4. Not to be outdone, HTC decided to get in on this action as well and have shared the design story video for their flagship, the HTC One. With Samsung's video, we mostly saw people explaining why they made the specific design choices. With HTC's video, we see a bit of that too, but we also get to see the actually manufacturing and etching process of the outer casing. What is presented is nothing earth-shattering, but it is interesting nonetheless.

We have to give HTC some credit. Despite some of their past failures (*cough*Thunderbolt*cough*), they have done a remarkable job creating one of the most premium handsets on the market today with the HTC One. Sound off if you are having a hard time deciding between the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S4, or something else in the near-future.