We are calling this X Phone story a rumor for now, but it is very likely to be the real deal. An asian (Tinhte.tn) site recently put up new leaked pics of a Motorola device claiming it is the new X Phone. What is amazing about this leak is the high quality of the pics. Unlike yesterday's Mr. Blurrycam shots of a phone inside an ugly protective case, we have some full on hi-res views of the phone fully naked without the outer casing.

Right off the bat some pretty amazing things stand out. First, this device appears to have a nearly bezel-free design and the display stretches for a large percentage of the front. Second, the back of the device shows off a much larger and likely more capable camera lens than we usually see on Moto devices. The leaked nudie didn't come with any details, but here's what was shared in a separate report from 9to5Google,
  • 4.7 inch Display diagonally
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Nearly stock version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Will ship with protective skins available in as many as 25 different customizable colors
  • 4G LTE and will ship for all four major US carriers

Obviously the pics aren't faked, unless they are the best fakes ever. It is still possible this is some device other than the X Phone, but that is seeming more and more unlikely now. The specs seem pretty legit as well based upon what we have heard previously. Of course, that part could be bogus too. For the most part it looks like the final vision of the device is coming to fruition. If this is the next X Phone, it looks pretty ready for mass production. We are likely to see something about this at Google I/O in a couple of weeks.

Sound off with your opinion on this intel.

Update: It appears that 9to5Google recently updated their story. They have been asked to remove the pictures. (They didn't specify who asked them, but we can probably guess.) If true, this only ads further legitimacy to this rumor and builds more anticipation for this device...

Update 2: We did some more digging after realizing we may have seen this device before back in March from the same site. It's possible this story is a red herring and will simply lead us to distraction, so keep that in mind.