Folks with the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and folks with the AT&T version of the OG Samsung Galaxy Note will be happy to here this double story this morning. Both of these devices will start receiving an OTA update of Jelly Bean/Android 4.1.2 today. The pic above is for the AT&T Galaxy Note, and the bullet point list below is for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2.
  • Download images via Enterprise Exchange email
  • Multi-window support for more applications (YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Kindle, Viewdini, Google Maps and Talk)
  • Search/Filter by name in dialer screen
  • Snooze option is set to “ON” be default in the alarm clock
  • Transfer content from your old device seamlessly with the Samsung Smart Switch app supported
  • Security patches, improved Exchange email syncing, and more

Source: Verizon Wireless - GNote2 JB Update and AT&T GNote JB Update