Three different LG smartphones have been spotted, running different versions of Jelly Bean and pacing processors clocked between 1.5GHz and 2GHz. The handsets can be seen scoring between 17000 and 21500, with one of the handsets scoring higher despite having a lower-clocked CPU and running an older version of Jelly Bean. Here's the breakdown of the handsets:

  • LG-F340L: Android 4.2.2, 2GHz processor, 21416 score
  • LG-F320L: Android 4.2.2, 2GHz processor, 17188 score
  • LG-F320K: Android 4.1.2, 1.5GHz processor, 18930 score

A fourth handset, the LG-F320S, has been seen at the Bluetooth SIG. Obviously when a handset hits the Bluetooth SIG we are not going to get much info other than the model number (LG-F320S) and model name (LG LTE Mobile Phone), so this handset could end up being anything at this point (low,mid, high range LTE handset.) Android Authority has speculated the first three handsets that popped up on AnTuTu could possibly be the yet to be announced LG Optimus G2's that will hit carriers sometime in Q4. That just may pan out and we think it's a pretty accurate guess at this time. One could really stretch their speculation muscle and say one of them is the next Nexus device, and at this point it wouldn't be too far fetched. Lets wait and see.

Source: AndroidAuthority