It look's like the new HTC One is helping HTC stage a bit of a comeback. Although it's obviously too early to tell if this news will get HTC back into a truly competitive position, it still must be a huge breathe of fresh air for the company. Sales for the company have surged over the last couple of months in a big way, and part of that is thanks to the HTC One. Here's a quote with some of the numbers,

From the very bottom of February 2013, HTC managed to grow its sales by 39% in March. Now, boosted by HTC One flagship, the revenues increased by additional 26% in April. Which means that sales are now up 71% since February.
Despite this much rosier outlook, HTC still has a long hill to climb. The company only earned $NT 19B ($642 million) in April of 2013, compared to $NT 30B in April 2012. Still, the fact that they were able to do this around the same time-frame as the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch is something to be applauded. If they can keep this pace, we could see a healthy growth spurt from the once floundering company.

Source: UnWiredView