There is nothing wrong with aiming high, but some goals are a bit loftier than others. Acer's senior VP Scott Lin confirmed a new 10-inch Iconia A3 tablet will will be coming this summer. Furthermore, without divulging any specs or offering even a glimpse of the device he also shared Acer expects to sell 10 Million total tablets this year, and wants the A3 to contribute 2 Million of that 10 Million figure.

Despite these "pie in the sky" plans, the growth rate of Android tablets in general world-wide is increasing rapidly, so it is possible Acer could hit these goals. Here's a quote with more of the details,

Lin hopes it'll make up some of the 10 million slates the outfit aims to sell in 2013. He also announced a refresh for the $150 Iconia B1 this summer with a dual-core CPU, updated design and 1GB of ram, and said that 1.5 million units of that model have shipped so far this year. The company would like to move another 1.5 million by year's end along with 5 million of the recently announced 8-inch Iconia A1 tabs and 2 million Iconia A3s to make up the balance. Considering that competitor ASUS sold 3 million tablets in Q1 and has the hit Nexus 7 to peddle, it seems a lofty goal for Acer -- especially since it only reluctantly leaped into tablets not so long ago.
Source: AcerTabletForum via Engadget