With Big Red's extensive portfolio of Android devices it would appear that the carrier only has eyes for Google's OS, but comments from Verizon's CEO Dan Mead show that their interest in seeing three to four operating systems competing in the marketplace is something that they welcome. During an address made Wednesday at an investors conference, Mead acknowledged that both Windows Phone and BlackBerry play an important part in the industry's ecosystem and that "three to four operating systems is good for the industry and good for us." With customers demand for the Blackberry Q10 (QWERTY keyboard) on the rise and the VZW exclusive Lumia 928 Windows Phone drawing closer, his comments come as no surprise.

Mead also brought up the possibility of reducing or eliminating subsidies on new phones as a part of the business being discussed. For the those interested in voice over LTE service, the CEO confirmed a launch of the service sometime next year.

Via: Phonearena