Here's another few Motorola X Phone rumors for you guys this morning. A couple of them are about as "iffy" as yesterday's story, but one of them seems to track with previous rumors. An "unnamed" tipster shared some supposed details about the device. First, the tipster claims the ROM for a device he previewed showed "X" as the device type. Here are the specs he shared for the device,
  • 4.8-inch (1280x720 resolution) display
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 2GB of RAM

The tipster didn't include anything about the processor but claims it benchmarks around the same speed as the Samsung Galaxy S3 in AnTuTu benchmarks. That is pretty lackluster to say the least, but it could simply be alpha hardware.

Another interesting tidbit the "source" shared is that the device will be coming to Verizon first, although no details from this source suggest any other carriers. The next tidbit the tipster shared is the device will come in two different variants. It will supposedly have an X Edition version and an X M Model, suggesting a mini version of the device. This somewhat tracks with our previous report suggesting the X Phone will be a new "series" of devices.

Finally, one other thing the tipster shared is a new feature will be introduced with this device called "Droid Blast." Here's a quote with a description,

There’s also a feature called “Droid Blast” that lets you “Instantly send photos or videos to friends near you with a simple gesture”. Looking at the screenshot, you can see that Droid Blast offers gesture sharing, ability to share accounts with others, privacy settings for sharing, and the ability to limit sharing to a WiFi or mobile network, which seems to indicate that large or streamed files are a possibility for Droid Blast. Also note that you can set the gesture type for Droid Blast, which is an intriguing feature.
Obviously, as always take any of these "rumors" with a generous helping of salt. Until something is actually confirmed by someone from Google or simply a highly reputable source, nearly anything is possible. Let's cross our fingers Google will share the scoop with us at Google I/O in a week.

Source: HotHardware