Over the weekend, Samsung announced they have attained a breakthrough in 5G wireless networking speeds. They reported their new 5G is "hundreds of times faster" than current 4G speeds. They achieved 1Gbps transmission speeds, resulting in the ability to download a whole ultra-high def movie in seconds. They anticipate being able to achieve peak speeds in the “tens of Gbps.”

What is most intriguing about their breakthrough compared to the other Advanced LTE network technologies being developed is that Samsung's version uses 28 GHz ultrahigh frequency bandwidths instead of the 6 GHz bandwidths of competing standards. This frequency range will be able to sustain higher speeds at greater distances, even up to 2 km.

Samsung is planning to commercial their new breakthrough by 2020. Between now and then, some of the other competing standards are likely to gain some marketshare in isolated areas throughout the globe. In fact, the European Union recently announced they are investing 50 Million Euros into 5G network technology, with plans to launch in the same time-frame. However, Samsung's advancement could overshadow the other options because of its greatly increased range.

Source: Samsung