It looks like the NVIDIA Shield has graduated. It's no longer just a "Project" and is instead now a "Product." NVIDIA just announced this morning the regular preorder for the device will begin on Monday, May 20th. If you were one of the folks who signed up for their "Shield Updates" you can preorder the device now. The Shield preorder price is $349 and it will ship in June. You can head over to the preorder source link below for more info. Here's the presser,

Project SHIELD has dropped the “Project” and is now available to pre-order for those who signed up for the newsletter at Haven’t registered? Not to worry – there’s still time to sign-up before the general pre-order begins on Monday, May 20.

SHIELD is an open platform gaming portable designed for gamers who yearn to play when, where and how they want, featuring some cool new technology including:

Tegra 4 – the world’s fastest mobile processor, Tegra 4 packs 72 custom GPU cores and four Cortex-A15 CPU cores
Console-grade controller – dual analog joysticks, a full-sized D-Pad, left and right analog triggers, full-sized bumpers and A/B/X/Y buttons
High Fidelity Audio and Video –5-inch, 720p retinal multi-touch display and custom bass reflex tuned port audio system
Memory and Storage – 2GB RAM, 16GB internal flash storage and microSD storage slot
Android Jelly Bean – the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system
And More! – 802.11n 2X2 MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi , GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, mini-HDMI, micro-USB 2.0 and 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack

And SHIELD will also give you the power to wirelessly access your NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU-powered computer from the comfort of your couch with GeForce game streaming, now in beta. We’re working on streaming your favorite PC games to SHIELD, including great titles from Steam.

SHIELD will begin shipping in June for $349. Newegg, Gamestop, Micro Center and Canada Computers will all carry SHIELD.

Five exciting new TegraZone games coming to SHIELD and Tegra 4 devices later this year were also announced this morning:

· Broken Age, Double Fine Productions

· Costume Quest, Double Fine Productions

· Flyhunter: Origins, Steel Wool Games

· Skiing Fred, Dedalord Games

· Chuck’s Challenge 3D, Niffler

More information on SHIELD and these great games can be found in a pair of blogs that went live this morning:

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