The latest Gartner Marketing Analytics are out and from the numbers they compiled it becomes obvious that Samsung and Android are completely destroying their competition. Here's a bullet point list of the most relevant figures below just to give you a quick glimpse of the domination:
  • Samsung sold 64.7 million smartphones which was 30.8% of the total global marketshare
  • This was a 59% increase from the 40.6 million it sold in the same quarter last year
  • For perspective, Apple sold 38.8 million iPhones during this same time which was an 18.2% market share
  • LG was in third with 10 million smartphones sold, or 4.8% total global marketshare
  • A win for Samsung translates into a win for Android to the tune of 74.4% of the global marketshare for smartphone operating systems
  • Conversely, iOS dropped to just 18.2% of the global marketshare (from 22.5%), Blackberry dropped to just 3% and Microsoft gained a point to 2.9%

It became obvious last year that Samsung and Android would start wrecking the competition, but to this degree so quickly is a bit unexpected. Keep in mind, that these numbers reflect the quarter before Samsung even released the Galaxy S4, so it hasn't been accounted for to derive these statistics.

Source: Gartner