Here's a Google Glass double story for you this morning.

First, we have some intriguing intel for Google Glass developers. It looks like Google plans to subtly tempt developers to hack Glass on purpose. According to insider sources, one of Google I/O's sessions this week will be dedicated specifically to giving developers root access to Glass, with the intent of encouraging them to create experimental applications. Despite the fact that your warranty will be voided if you gain root access to the device, Google actively wants developers to pursue this, just to see how far they can take their creative energies. ~ Technology Review

Second, we wanted to take a moment and gauge interest in Google's newest "outside the box" product. Google Glass has become a polarizing device in the media. Almost everyday we hear stories of people & groups who hate it or love it. Of course, there are also some folks who are cautiously skeptical and sitting firmly in the middle on this device. This gives us the perfect opportunity for a Thursday morning poll. Here's the gist of it below,

Are you excited by the prospect of Google Glass and think it could be a highly successful new gadget in the future?
Do you think Google Glass is a silly toy that will flop as badly as the Segway?
Or, are you not quite sure what to make of this creature yet, and want to wait until the final retail launch to offer your judgement?

Share your perspective in the poll and the thread.