Last week we shared a disheartening rumor with you guys regarding what may be the new Motorola X Phone. An AT&T device with the model name XFON and the model number XT1058 (which had been previously identified as the possible model number of the X Phone), passed through the FCC with some pretty lackluster specs and a GSM radio. A new report suggests a CDMA version of the device exists with the model number XT1060, and will also come with just a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset. This basically means a Verizon and/or Sprint version of this device will also come with the same mediocre specs as the AT&T version.

This info was gleaned from an .ini file obtained from some leaked USB drivers. Here's a quote with the info,

This is for RSD app to create correct phone model class
WIFI = f100,mz604,xoom,mz615,mz615-16,mz615-32,mz615-64,mz607,mz607-16,mz607-32,mz602
STEUMTS = mb865,me865
MSM6X55UMTS = mb632,xt605,xt626,xt621
MSM6X55CDMA = xt603
MSM8960CDMA = xt926,xt897,xt907,xt901,xt1060
MSM8960UMTS = mb886,xt923,xt925,xt905,201m,xt1058
IMC6260UMTS = xt890
We are crossing our fingers that all of these rumors are wrong and simply refer to some other device, but the signs are definitely looking grim.

Source: AndroidAuthority