One of the hot things to come out of Google I/O last week was the news that a Pure Android Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be coming. Afterwards, speculation ran rampant that HTC should/could launch their own version of a stock Android version of their flagship the HTC One. Unfortunately, late last week, HTC themselves stated they would not be offering a stock Android version of their device.

Of course, sometimes companies say one thing, then do the opposite, and today there are new rumors that HTC may have reconsidered their position. Here's a quote with the details,

There’s a wonderful rumor floating around this evening — one that will either have you leaping for joy, or reaching for the bottle. It all started last week after an HTC rep seemingly hinted at the possibility of a stock Android AOSP version of the the HTC One, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition announced at Google I/O. The cryptic tweet said, “So you can pay $649 for a piece of plastic running stock or… You can wait #IO13″ This, as it turns out, was tweeted from her personal Twitter account and although she never revealed the meaning behind it, some blogs ran with the story. This caused HTC rep Jeff Gordon (not that Jeff Gordon) to chime in, flat out denying these rumors altogether.

Fast forward to today where infamous ROM leaker @LlabTooFeR is, once again, adding fuel to these stock One rumors, tweeting some very confident words that an HTC One is coming fast down the pipeline and “without Sense 5.” According to Llabtoofer, he expects the device to be released as early as this summer and if you’re curious on exactly how sure he feels on the subject, he went as far as saying it was a “fact.”
Of course, it's important to point out that HTC does already offer a bootloader unlocked developer edition of their HTC One flagship for $650. This basically means anyone can get the HTC One and throw a custom ROM, or just a vanilla version of Android on the device, so we are still skeptical of this rumor. It almost doesn't make sense for HTC to offer this, other than as a marketing gimmick, and/or as a pure Android option to those folks out there who don't like to tinker with the OS of their device. What do you guys think? Should HTC sell a Pure Android HTC One on the Google Play Store alongside Samsung?

Source: Phandroid