Just yesterday we shared a rumor about a phone which could be the Verizon and/or Sprint version of the Motorola X Phone. Some .inf USB drivers showed a device called the XT1060 with CDMA capabilities, that was loosely identified as the elusive X Phone. Today, some new intel suggests a different device is headed for Sprint which is speculated to be their X Phone.

This one has the model name XT1056 and it just passed through the FCC with Sprint radios. If this info and our previous story are accurate it would mean the following model numbers correspond to the listed carriers:
  • AT&T X Phone = XT1058
  • Verizon X Phone = XT1060
  • Sprint X Phone = XT1056

All of the pieces seem to be falling into place for the X Phone, and not all of them are terribly exciting. We have seen pics and specs which seem to confirm Google execs' previous statements that the current pipeline of Motorola products will be lackluster. It looks like the device will come with a Snapdragon S4 Pro. This is a capable and powerful quad-core chip to be sure, but it is still technology from last year. Of course, it's still possible we will see some other innovations which will generate excitement fo the new X Phone, but we will have to wait and see when it actually is officially announced.

Source: Phandroid