It's definitely an LG-filled Tuesday. We have three more morsels of LG news to share.

First, there is supposedly a new LG Android tablet in the manufacturing pipeline. No specifics were given at all.

Second, LG will apparently not be offering a bendable-flexible display smartphone any time this year, because "the technology for this is not yet mature enough," according to LG's European VP.

Third, LG supposedly has a non-Android & non-Windows smartphone in the works too, just like Samsung and others. More than likely LG plans to offer a Mozilla based offering as they are listed by Mozilla as a partner.

Finally, the global rollout out for the Snapdragon 800 equipped Optimus G2 will definitely happen later this year. More importantly, LG is working to make sure the global rollout happens simultaneously rather than in short region specific bursts throughout the world.

It certainly looks like LG is organizing and mobilizing in an attempt to get more competitive with Samsung and Apple. LG is in a solid third place behind the other two giants, but they are still way behind them. It will be a great thing if they can close some of the gap and spur even more competition in the marketplace.

Source: PhoneArena