We have a report that Verizon plans to offer a new update to their version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which will offer AWS-based LTE support on the device. This will help ease congestion on their network by offering an additional spectrum band for consumers to use the device on, but it could also mean a bit faster performance on the network for many users. Here's a quote with some of the details,

Mike Haberman from Verizon spoke with Bloomberg about it and basically said that Samsung’s flagship device on Verizon will get a software update which will enable support for the AWS bands. And that their network will be rolling out on those bands very soon.

Haberman did not state when the update would be available, but that it will be coming soon. Verizon is contingent on their higher-capacity 4G network rolling out over the next few months. The Galaxy S4 probably won’t be the only device to support AWS-based LTE bands. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Nokia Lumia 928 get the update since it does support AWS. And any other device launched on Verizon in the next few months are pretty likely to support AWS as well. We’ll of course keep you updated on these updates and which devices will support AWS-based LTE on Verizon’s network.
They didn't specify when the update will drop, but it should be pretty quick.

Source: AndroidHeadlines