Although this has not been officially confirmed, industry sources suggest the stars are aligning to bring about the Apocalypse! (No wait... that's not it.) It's just the HTC One coming to T-Mobile... (whew!) At any rate, the phone has been delayed from the carrier for sometime now, but that situation will soon come to an end (probably). The current rumor holds that T-Mobile will finally get the HTC One on Wednesday, June 5th, and it will probably cost just $100 bucks up front (plus installments for 20-24 months) for folks using T-Mo's "Uncarrier" pricing plan.

This is a significant development for T-Mo customers (although not quite as significant as an Apocalypse), because the HTC One is being hailed across the web (for the most part) as the best Android smartphone on the planet. If you are (or potentially are) a T-Mo customer who was anxiously awaiting this news, sound off in the thread!

Wow! That was certainly an overabundant use of parenthetical exposition. It makes the article look like a giant algebra equation! (Slow Wednesday humor?) <<< DOH! Did it again...

Source: TalkAndroid