Last night the hot news hit the web that the Moto X Phone was the real deal. Not only that but the device is planned to be a very high-end piece of hardware. Dennis Woodside specifically called it a “hero” device. Not too many details were announced but some of the revealed features suggest the new Motorola smartphone will truly be very "smart." The device will even be able to recognize when you are taking a photo, or when it is in your pocket.

One of the other exciting announcements regarding the Moto X (as it will be called) is that the device will be mostly "made in America." Not all of the components will be put together here, but the primary structure of the device will be 70% assembled at the Flextronics' 500,000-square foot facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Here's the full press release from Motorola,

Moto X: The First Smartphone Assembled in the USA

There are more than 130 million smartphones in use in the USA today and not one of them was assembled here...until now.

May 28, 2013 Danielle McNally

Today at the AllThingsD conference Dennis Woodside revealed how we are reinventing Motorola through a portfolio of products starting with Moto X, a new flagship smartphone that will be designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. We’re not talking about just a handful of units either -- available this summer, every Moto X sold in the USA will be assembled in Fort Worth, Texas, making it the first smartphone ever assembled domestically.

There were a few reasons why we decided to do this. There are several business advantages to having our Illinois and California-based designers and engineers much closer to our factory. For instance, we’ll be able to iterate on design much faster, create a leaner supply chain, respond much more quickly to purchasing trends and demands, and deliver devices to people here much more quickly. And as a part of Google we’re being encouraged to take big bets on things that make a difference.

We still have a network of global operations, and that won’t change. Our global manufacturing partner remains Flextronics and we’ll continue to assemble devices locally in China and Brazil. But Flextronics is busy looking for people for the new Fort Worth facility now. If you’re interested, we encourage you to check the available positions and apply.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be in the mobile device industry. Our role in inventing the mobile phone is well known. We’re happy to be shaping its future as well.