Obviously the hot news out of Motorola's stage appearance at the D11 Conference yesterday was the official announcement of the Moto X phone. However, there was more to their announcement than just that. In fact, if the other ideas presented there are any indication, then not only is Motorola really thinking "outside the box," they actually kicked the box down the street and it fell into a black hole. Moto shared two bizarre ideas that might seem very far ahead of their time.

The first tech showed off was a prototype wearable electronic tattoo. Motorola's SVP for advanced technology, Regina Dugan, wore one on her arm. Regina indicated the tattoo was designed to potentially replace normal authentication methods for logging on to your phone or tablet devices. She said that the tattoo would need to be changed once per week. While this idea does seem a bit out there, it still has some interesting potential applications and could be the progenitor of other forms of digital wearable technology.

The second tech concept shared at the conference took things a step further into weirdo-land. It's a pill developed by Proteus Digital Health that will turn your body into the authentication medium. We will just share a quote with the description and let it speak for itself,

That's right, Motorola hopes to someday bring us a pill that you can ingest that basically turns YOU into an authentication token. The idea is that the pill's electronics would be powered by the acid in your stomach and could create an 18-bit signal in your body.

According to Regina, the pill technology has been successfully tested and is even approved by the FDA. Just don't expect either the tattoo or pill to ship anytime soon, as they are both still “works in progress”.
While this last idea might seem a bit creepy to some, the concept is worth exploring. What's really intriguing about this is that it shows Motorola has been busy even though it looks like they have been taking it easy. It's exciting to see that Motorola is still at the head of the curve when it comes to technical innovations. These are good signs we will see Motorola rise to match and perhaps exceed its former glory. Regardless, if they can execute on some of these ideas in a timely manner, it will only spur competition and that will be great thing for everyone.

Source: AndroidAuthority