For quite some time there have been rumors that the HTC One would be coming to Verizon. Of course, on more than one occasion HTC themselves denied this, which is why we didn't post all the rumors. We suspected it would eventually come true, but simply wanted to wait until we heard something concrete, and now that has happened.

Verizon themselves Tweeted this morning that the HTC One would be coming to their network later this summer. They didn't share any specifics, but more than likely it will cost $199.99 on a new Big Red contract. Obviously, "later this summer" could mean anything, especially depending upon where you live, but we expect it to hit Verizon store shelves by the end of July. We will keep you posted when Verizon releases more details.

It certainly was a strange "bipolar" marketing strategy. Keep denying it was coming until you announce it? Not really a great way to build brand loyalty. We suspect Verizon was playing hardball with HTC's marketing department, but that is pure speculation. What do you guys think? Wouldn't it have been better for VZW to have joined the HTC One bandwagon sooner?

Source: Twitter - VZW